Dez Dare Reveals New Single & Video ‘My My Medulla’

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No other time calls for expression more than times of suppression. Trapped, caught in reclusion under the germs’ eye, Darren Smallman (Battle worldwide, Low Transit Industries, Thee Vinyl Creatures, The Sound Platform, Warped) built a Frankenstein’s Monster within his house. Bolted together with old pedals, guitars and synths, a collection of tracks were produced that muse on existence, social normality, the illusion of reality and unleashed under the guise, Dez Dare. Returning today with a new single, My My Medulla, the was culled from the recently released album Hairline Ego Trip that is out now via Ch!mp Records, the song deals with the author’s experiences living with autism, utilizing a fuzzed-out, buzzing riff to emote the song’s themes. 

“Being Autistic I have always struggled to communicate with the people around me, feeling a physical barrier nearly like a wall of distortion in between me and the world,” explains Darren. “This song looks at the struggle to find clarity with the ones you love and the force it takes to include yourself in the world outside your mind.” (Dez Dare)

Hairline Ego Trip is available via Bandcamp