Dez Dare Shares ‘Conspiracy, O’ Conspiracy’ Single & Video From Upcoming ‘Hairline Ego Trip’ Album

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Built in the crystalline shadows and existential backwaters of the psyche, Dez Dare constructs psych-hymns, soft-punk, that punches you in the brain while tenderly calling you to inaction. No other time calls for expression more than times of suppression. Trapped, caught in reclusion under the germs’ eye, Dez Dare built a Frankenstein’s Monster within his house. Bolted together with old pedals, guitars and synths, a collection of tracks were produced that muse on existence, social normality and the illusion of reality.

Dez Dare has now released his new single, Conspiracy, O’ Conspiracy, that is lifted from his forthcoming new album, Hairline Ego Trip, that is due out on June 4th via Ch!mp Records. Bristling with homemade over-driven energy, wild guitar, and frustration at the world, Conspiracy, O’ Conspiracy throws you into the deep end of Dez Dare’s intoxicating world, a wonderfully vibrant, colourful world of sound and vision. 

“The digital wildebeest has been growing unabated for decades and fuels conspiracy theories and faux realities that divide and burn the threads of our community. Dividing us with every byte transferred. This album is about the disconnect the human race has built between themselves and the natural world. How we are collapsing as a society through digital technology, capitalism, religion, nationalism. The failures of the human psych and the beauty in the world around us we fail to see.”

You can pre-order Hairline Ego Trip via Bandcamp