DITZ To Release “The Great Regression” On Vinyl & Share “Summer Of The Shark” Video

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DITZ’s debut album, The Great Regression, was originally released back in March via Alcopop! Records. The limited edition “Dinked” vinyl sold out in 24 hours along with the first 3 runs of cassettes, but it being 2022 that vinyl is only just about to land on people’s doorsteps and on record shop shelves. To celebrate the weirdness of album releases these days DITZ teamed up with director Pedro Takahashi to film a video for the live favourite, Summer Of The Shark. The track features guest vocals from John Newton, drummer and vocalist in JOHN, who the band bundled into their van when recording the album in the spring of 2021.

“The video to address the commodification of tragedy and violence within the context of the media. I was also thinking about how opposing news outlets can portray the same story from different angles – How we consume information is highly subjective and how it filters through to us depends largely on the institution recounting it. By using multiple cameras to shoot the same actions I wanted to explore these ideas in a playful and aesthetically interesting way.” (Pedro Takahashi)

Ditz will be on tour throughout September and October across Germany, France and the UK with their final date of the year taking place London’s Oval Space on the 19th November.