Dog Of Man Share “Turpentine” & Announce New Album “Everything Is Easy”

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Dog Of Man deliver a heavy psych pop album, inspired by weird indie, thrashy punk, breakcore and Balkan folk. Despite the ironic title, their upcoming full length, Everything Is Easy, delves into themes of neuroses, madness and breakdown, all set to punchy grooves, spidery guitar lines and fizzing accordion. This is music to lose your shit to, a ritual of intense catharsis. If you’re seeking a way out, Everything Is Easy could well be your party record. The band have today revealed the album’s second single, Turpentine, a grunge pop ode to anxiety with a video that sees the band racing in a wasteland full of colour and junk.

Dog of Man are a psychedelic punk band from Brighton and Bristol who have toured in Europe and brought their unique sounds to festivals in the UK, Croatia and the Netherlands. Everything Is Easy will be released on the 14th October and will be available from that date via Bandcamp and Spotify. The album was recorded live to two-inch tape at Brixton Hill Studios, the band ditched the editing software this time as that route seemed too easy. The result is raw, tight and breathless. It’s the first time a recording has properly captured the frantic energy of Dog Of Man‘s live shows.

Dog Of Man