Don’t Sleep “See Change” On New Album & Share “20/20” Video

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Don’t Sleep have released their sophomore album, See Change, via End Hits Records. The band, which includes members of Dag Nasty, ALL, Down By Law, DYS, Junction, Very Americans and The Commercials, are also debuting a brand new animated video for the track 20/20.

“At peace with this reflection/No regrets, no introspection.” Mortality is a reality of the human experience. We will all die. Some of us too soon (Hendrix, Keith Moon, John Stabb), some living shockingly long (Keith Richards, Willie Nelson). To quote Gandalf from Lord of the Rings: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” In this life, we will all make huge mistakes, but most of us will also try hard, try to do better, and do good things that make those around us happier and this world around us a little brighter. So just know that is part of your story, inevitably. That contrast. Pain and redemption. As Eckart Tolle puts it, we need to realize that the pain body wants to define us, but it is not who we are. In life we are working toward true consciousness. “Another lonely road…someday I’ll be free.” (vocalist Dave Smalley)