Elway Reveal “The Best Of All Possible Worlds” Album

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Elway started back in 2007 as a drunken mess called 10-4 Eleanor, they released a few records under the old moniker before changing it in 2010 after signing with Red Scare Industries. Four albums, two EP’s, one split and over 500 shows across 23 countries later, they are still a drunken mess. Despite this Elway have now released their highly anticipated brand new eleven track fifth album, The Best Of All Possible Worlds, via Red Scare Industries.

“The indie-punk quartet recorded a buncha songs out in their home state of Colorado and they whittled it down to the best 11 tracks for the LP. All bangers. And even though it’s been lean times for rock tours during the Pando, Elway has managed to play some recent shows with The Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music, and The Menzingers, and we expect the good times to keep comin’ in 2022. Ever the optimists!” (Toby Jeg, Red Scare Industries)

You can get The Best Of All Possible Worlds here