Exclusive Stream Of Ructions New Single ‘Resignation Day’

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In April, the UK’s melodic hardcore act, Ructions, released its first single, ‘Design Accident’ and tomorrow, the 6th July, will see the release of the band’s second single, ‘Resignation Day’, that will be available across all digital platforms. As with ‘Design Accident’, the song is propelled by machine-gun drumming, bright guitars and melodic vocals, lyrically it takes aim at the actions of former Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, when he denied Shamima Begum, a British born “ISIS Bride”, the right to return to the UK in 2019. As a result of the inhabitable conditions of the refugee camp Begum was living at the time, her 18-day old new-born, Jarrah, died of lung complications. The themes of the song are captured in newly commissioned, powerful, artwork by Toothrag, a local artist also responsible the evocative image used to promote ‘Design Accident’.

You can stream, and read more about, ‘Resignation Day‘ below

Lead singer, Johnny Walker explains about the band’s new single “The lyrics probably amount to the most politically-charged I’ve ever written. Design Accident addressed the issue of climate change which, sure, is divisive. But it is also part of a debate that, on the face of it at least, is pretty black and white: either you recognise that climate change is a real thing, or you are adamant in your denial. The story that inspired ‘Resignation Day’ is arguably more complex; or provokes a broader range of moral questions. Should we really be defending the rights of a terrorist, for example, when they’re alleged to have committed heinous crimes against humanity? And, if we do defend the rights of a terrorist, does that somehow make us complicit in their alleged actions?” 

“Shamima Begum was a child when she went to Syria. She was a child when she was indoctrinated, and she was a child when she married. Begum is a victim of grooming and manipulation. This isn’t to bring into question the role she is said to have played in a truly abhorrent movement; but for the UK government to deny Begum her citizenship and that of her new son – and in the process deny her the right to be fairly held accountable for her alleged involvement – smacks of cowardice. Such actions simply amount to political points-scoring; they do not address the Government’s historic failure to adequately deal with homegrown radicalism, of which women in particular so frequently fare the worst. That Javid was prepared to let a child die –indeed, many children die in such camps – on these grounds is truly shameful. Three-week-old Jarrah did not ask to be born into the life he was, yet he paid the ultimate price all the same.”

Regarding Ructions formation during lockdown Walker adds

“It’s probably down to the fact that by March we’d been playing together for a year on-and-off, and felt as though we needed to produce something tangible – to see if people actually liked the stuff we were writing. This fucking pandemic was a morbid coincidence. It’s nice to have a distraction from it all, to be honest. We are fortunate to have this outlet.”

Resignation Day‘ can be pre-saved and pre-ordered via digital service providers