Exclusive: Small Town Saviours Track By Track Of Upcoming Self Titled Debut Album

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Small Town Saviours are set to drop their heady self-titled debut album on Friday 27th January via digital platforms. We spoke to the esteemed rock ‘n rollers and asked them to give us this exclusive track by track breakdown of the album.

No Rats, No Snakes, No Second Takes

“First up and coming out swinging! About new beginnings, starting over again, shedding any negative influences and surroundings. Ditching the preverbal Rats and Snakes, letting nothing stand in your way. A spikey battle cry to the world letting everyone know this time you mean business!”


“A short sharp no nonsense punch to the face. For those times in life when you’re trying to figure out who is with you, against you or standing in your way. Hopefully before it’s too late you recognise friend from foe and remove your hand before it gets bitten.”

Small Town Saviours

The Drinking Song

“A subject that’s dear to our hearts (but perhaps not to our livers!) Despite its fun upbeat chorus, the verses and midsection tell a cautionary tale of how a night out can go south quickly after a sip of one too many. Inevitably leading to a sore head and a less than impressed significant other.”


“A not quite love song. When procrastination and not acting on impulses quickly enough can very easily cause you to miss your window of opportunity. Delivered in a 1950’s Rock n’ Roll style that conveys that classic tale of heartache that everyone can relate to.”

Small Town Saviours

London Ain’t Calling

“As the title suggests we had Joe Strummer’s punk rock ethic in mind here. Shining a spotlight on the decline of authentic Punk, including the scene and venues alike. Sure, once in a while a worthy representation comes along but long gone are the days of the classics.”

Small Town Saviours

Home Town Hero

“This deals with two things that were front of mind at the time of writing.. Playing gigs in places and to people that weren’t interested in music, only drunkenly singing over the classics they knew. The other aspect of the song refers to fair-weather ‘friends’ neglecting to come by when the fridge is empty and the handouts have stopped.”

Small Town Saviours

Translation Invariant 

“Written for us by a close friend (Chris Wilkinson) To put our own spin on it we added some electronic craziness but keeping the backbone of the song close to his original vision. You’re probably wondering at the meaning of the title, as were we! Put simply, no matter how hard you try to fix someone who is unfixable the outcome will always be the same…..you’ll never succeed.”

Small Town Saviours

It’s All Going To Hell

“The album’s epic centrepiece. Musically and more so lyrically a curveball. Written during the lockdown, an angry political observation and one of the most challenging songs to put together. Each of its varied sections requiring different production techniques and careful thought to the sonic layering to create this monster!”

Ride It Out

“We all go through hard times and rough patches in life. This is a friendly shoulder, a comforting reminder that no matter how bad things seem to get, those times won’t last forever. With stunning backing vocals provided by Emily Ewing helping the chorus really soar sonically skywards.”

Small Town Saviours

Drama Queens

“A frantic, angry vent aimed directly at people who have turned on you and kicked you while you were down. Not sure if we’d had too much caffeine on the recording day but it came out a bit faster than we’d been playing it up to that point…..Luckily, we feel it was the better for it.”

Small Town Saviours

Boy Who Cried Wolf

“The age-old fable of someone who is hell bent on destroying something you’ve worked hard to create. Systematically weakening the foundations brick by brick then when confronted using a smokescreen of see through lies and tall tales to justify their behaviour and deflecting blame from them back onto you.”

Small Town Saviours

Wild West (Berkshire)

“A fictitious story inspired by true events. An article of Police being called out to reports of gunshots at 2pm in the middle of the summer five minutes from Lance’s house. A mere 24 hours later a private field adjacent to the local hospital was overrun with some particularly anti-social types . Bringing with them caravans, loud music, waste and tearing up the field with roaring quad bikes. It felt like the sleepy little town was turning into the Wild West……”

Moving On

“An uplifting and positive note to close for the album. A song of acceptance of the past, leaving it behind and the start of a liberating new chapter. The singalong chorus is a cathartic mantra and affirmation that a fresh start, shedding old skin and moving on is the smartest move. Onwards and upwards!”