Exclusive: Useless ID’s Yotam Ben Horin Shares Solo Single “In Between The Highs And Lows”

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Today, Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) has shared In Between The Highs And Lows, the second single off his forthcoming solo album, Young Forever, that is due out on May 20th via Double Helix Records. Yotam Ben Horin has also announced a run of solo Spring tour dates in Europe, including shows with The Lemonheads, and the US before reuniting for a European tour with Useless ID in June.

“I wrote ‘In Between the Highs and Lows’ at 2:00 a.m. one day. I really liked the unconventional count, and felt like I was writing something closer to world music. When I hit the chorus, I started humming, ‘Amo este voi’ to myself. I tried finding replacement words in English, but I couldn’t think of anything that captured what I was hearing in my head. I decided to look it up and it just so happens that it means ‘I love you’ in Galician, so I kept it. The song deals with the ups and downs of being in a long-distance relationship with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you.”

I try to take my solo material as far away from punk as I can. So I don’t just sound like a punk singer playing chords on an acoustic guitar. I leave room for any influence that may enter and just let it happen. My solo albums kind of write themselves. That’s what I like about them; I’ve learned to not only listen with my ears, but with my gut as well. If something feels off, I’ll address it right up until we print the record.”

Between The Highs And Lows can be pre-ordered via Double Helix Records