Expert Timing Return With New Album “Stargazing”

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Expert Timing describe themselves as Bubblegrunge Power Pop and who are we to disagree? The Orlando, Florida trio is comprised of husband/wife duo vocalist/guitarist Jeff Snyder and vocalist/bassist Katrina Snyder, as well as drummer Gibran Colbert and new addition Nik Sidella. Their brand of music is infectious and fun and feels like a summery day, even when heading into serious lyrical territory. But beware, it also packs a punch and absolutely refuses to leave your head.

Expert Timing

You can’t manufacture growth, it just takes time. On Expert Timing‘s new LP, Stargazing, the band has put in that work and it shows. The songs are well thought-out and know exactly when to deliver an emotional punch and when to pull the blow back. Everything you want from a sophomore release. Stargazing is now available via Bandcamp and streaming platforms through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.