Faintest Idea Share “False Prophets” From Upcoming Album “The Road To Sedition”

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False Prophets is the latest single from UK ska-punks Faintest Idea. It’s the third glimpse into their raucous new album, The Road to Sedition, which is due for release on the 31st March 2023 via TNSrecords (UK) & Jump Start Records (USA). Opening with a sample about spiritual wickedness, before nose-diving into an urgent horn-riff, False Prophets is destined to get your feet off the floor the second the backline hits. Faintest Idea‘s brass section has grown since their last releases and the difference is exemplary on their new single, delivering a playful, urgent and layered riff to contrast the raspy street-punk vocals. 

In the chorus, Faintest Idea implore you to, “Stay alert!” encouraging you to think for yourself and to always remain sceptical of those in authority. The lyrics describe the alienation in modern society that’s been created by receding faith in capitalism, paralleled by receding faith in religion. The message of False Prophets is to maintain a healthy distrust of anyone asking for your faith, telling you that they can make things better. With dub reggae influences glimmering through when you scratch the surface, the song’s middle eight drops into a breakbeat drum and bass sample that only serves to bring even more energy to the band’s dancefloor ready sound. 

Faintest Idea

“It’s a very human trait to try to find meaning in something, which leads people to place their faith in things that can be hugely damaging to themselves. A while ago, we had an ill-fated Canadian tour with our friends in K Man & the 45’s, that got cancelled at the last minute. Bobble and I decided to go anyway and spent two weeks in Kris’ (K Man) basement in Montreal writing tunes and taking advantage of Canada’s legalised weed. About half the tunes on the new album were written in that basement. Like many a horn line before that was written while feeling a bit worse for wear, it was both very catchy but also incredibly difficult to play that fast on a slide trombone. Bobble is his own worst enemy for this” (vocalist Dani Rascal)

The Road To Sedition is a call to arms, marching to a beat of blistering horn riffs and shout-along choruses. With tours of mainland Europe and the USA (in support of The Slackers) planned for 2023, as well as their upcoming appearance at Manchester Punk Festival, there’s never been a better time to get dancing to Faintest Idea.