Family Man Unleash Cathartic Single “Father John”

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Relentless and brutal are the two words that define the Family Man‘s evolving sound. With punk roots and power-pop sensibilities, they are addressing issues such as sexuality, religion, deeply rooted trauma, and death. Their forthcoming album, Iconoclast, explores the darker sides of their life experiences and condenses it all into a gut-wrenching and poignantly intentional piece of work. Born out of pure rage and disdain for his experience in the private catholic school system, lead singer & guitarist Conner Root recounts his time at Loyola High School of Los Angeles on their new single, Father John. 

Family Man

Described as “a cesspool of toxic masculinity, archaic Catholic mindsets, blatant racism, and willfully ignorant rich kids,” this institution drove Root to the brink of suicide. After being admitted with financial assistance, Conner experienced “otherness” due to his ethnically Jewish identity, and his questioning of Catholic dogma, which ultimately led to him suppressing many aspects of his identity, sexuality and sense of self for years to come. It took him years to unlearn the toxicity that was ingrained so deeply into him, and it culminates with this, a cathartic cacophony of brutal rage. Father John is an exposé, a recounting of disgust, but most importantly, it is an apology.