“Farside: Into The Studio” Documentary Released

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Evan Jacobs, an independent producer who runs the micro-budget streaming service Anhedenia Films Unlimited, recently completed a documentary on the post-hardcore, melodic, punk band Farside. It chronicles them recording their last album, The Monroe Doctrine, at For The Record Studios in Orange County, CA. Aside from showing the inner workings of a band in the midst of the creative process, and at a crossroads with being a band, it also shows the late 90s studio experience just before everything went digital and changed the recording landscape.

Shot inside For The Record Studios where Farside recorded their other two full length records, Rochambeau and Rigged, the documentary presents a fly on the wall account of the recording process as well as an intimate look at the dynamics of one of Orange County, CA’s most popular melodic punk bands making a record. Farside: Into The Studio will also be released as a limited edition dvd with all proceeds going to the Autism Society Inland Empire.