Fear No Empire Release Debut Single And Video ‘Revolt’

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Fear No Empire features members of Zebrahead, Death By Stereo, The Adolescents and Common War, the band was formed at the height of the 2020 global pandemic. While millions of people are quarantining or risking their health and safety by taking to the streets in protest, Fear No Empire have come together with a powerful message that taps into their punk and hip-hop roots. Fear No Empire voice their anger and frustration with the world around them and stand up against racism, oppression, police brutality, voter suppression, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, violence and social inequality in all forms. Kicking off their musical protest the band have released ‘Revolt‘, you can stream and purchase the track here

You can read more about ‘Revolt‘ and view the video below

This song highlights the inhumane treatment of immigrant children separated from their families and held in overcrowded cages now intensified by a spreading pandemic. It has a powerful message and combines hip hop, punk, electronic, and rock elements to create a unique raw sound. We wanted to keep the imagery simple and raw. We recorded the video for “Revolt” during the quarantine. With social distancing due to the pandemic, we thought the responsible thing was to only have the four of us and one friend filming on set. I think the energy of the song really comes through on the video and we are excited for everyone to see it!” Ali Tabatabaee (Fear No Empire / Zebrahead)