Fiddlehead Share “Fifteen To Infinity” From Upcoming “Death Is Nothing To Us” Album

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This Friday August 18th, Fiddlehead are releasing their highly anticipated third full-length, Death Is Nothing To Us, via Run For Cover Records, and today the band are sharing one more early preview of the album with their powerful new single, Fifteen To InfinityDeath Is Nothing To Us finds Fiddlehead completing the thematic trilogy that began with their previous two releases, resulting in a truly special album that feels like a culmination of the band’s work so far.

“Since I knew this was a love song, I asked Pat if there were any specific early memories of him and his now wife. He told me they used to be pretty adventurous, and enjoyed breaking into abandoned buildings and go cliff jumping as teens. There was something there that sparked my interest to make a video about a Bonny and Clyde style couple but with more petty theft rather than murder and robbing banks. That contrasts with the original idea of the song that states that even the simple moments of a relationship like watching TV together are special and ‘heavenly.’ I wanted the two moments to go hand in hand. That one isn’t more special than the other. I filmed this video outside LA, it was insanely hot and the car we used had no working AC. My actors Jack and Kaylinn were amazing and fully got into character, the whole thing just felt so natural. After working with them all day we got talking on the way home and they also direct and shoot videos. They ended up making the video for our second single ‘Sleepyhead.’ Also strangely the day the video was completed, I showed my friend Remy cut as he was the one who let us use his car for the video. And that night the car was actually stolen and the police had recovered it. There was a Russian passport found in the back with a bunch of random metal items. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but it felt appropriate.” (guitarist Alex Henery)