Flames Of Durga Reveal “Darkest Hour” On New Single

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Fresh from the flames of a near-death experience, Los Angeles-born sisters Béah and Cecilia Romero decided to form their first band, Flames Of Durga. The two grew up creating music together and named the project after Durga, a fire goddess from Hindu mythology who represents fierce feminine power. Currently located in Joshua Tree along with their drummer Nate Million, the trio has been busy putting together their first full-length album, recorded at the world renowned Rancho De La Luna studio and produced by legendary musician Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal / Mojave Lords). The band have now released Darkest Hour, the first single from their upcoming debut full length.

“Rancho de la Luna was a magical, unique and inspiring place to record. The energy in that place is so vibrant and Dave Catching is an amazing producer and overall human to work with. His guitar collection is insanely beautiful and he was generous enough to let me try out several of his axes on our record.” (Béah Romero)