Forty Foot Reveal New Single & Video ‘Zeros’

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Dublin’s Forty Foot formed in 2019 following the sudden death of a friend and previous collaborator, with much of their previous work influenced by their friend’s loss, the band’s music combines outbursts of emotions with riotous instrumentation. Taking notes from the 90’s grunge that defined their generation, the band’s raw new single, Zeros, is now available via Priestly Records

Zeros is a pounding grunge anthem surrounding the group’s reactions to grief. The thundering drumbeats and dramatic vocals sweep you up entirely, mimicking the all-encompassing nature of loss, while creating colossal impact. Electric, engaging and marking a new dawn for the band, Zeros is a track that looks to the past while signalling the group’s future.

“We were all in it together and it’s something me and Mark especially have had to deal with since. So, holding on to whatever we can is more important than just getting through the day.” 

You can stream and purchase Zeros Here