Future of 924 Gilman in Jeopardy

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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924 GilmanThe future of legendary Berkeley, CA venue 924 Gilman is in doubt due to a dramatic rent increase taking effect on July 1 which sees the rent increase by nearly $3000 a month. The space, which is non-profit, alcohol-free and volunteer-run, is soliciting donations through their website to help offset the costs. To find out more and donate, head here. Any donation of $25 or more will receive a tshirt.

Over the years, seminal Bay Area bands such as Green Day, Jawbreaker, Operation Ivy, AFI and countless others have cut their teeth at 924 Gilman. The venue has had to begin selling merchandise to help offset the rising rent costs as well as rising gas prices for touring bands.

Source: PunkNews