Gloom Girl MFG Release Debut EP “Factory”

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Post-punk indie rock force Gloom Girl MFG have released their debut EP, Factory, via Sign From The Universe Entertainment / Ingrooves. Whilst drawing comparisons to the likes of Television, Hole, PJ Harvey and The Pretenders, Gloom Girl MFG are steadfastly carving their own distinctive sonic identity.

The kick-off track, Litterbug, takes aim and action against a dark and polluted world, and recognizes we’re all physical and spiritual Litterbugs in some capacity. My Brother’s Meds is a poignant and deeply personal song about self-medication, the complexity of family, and the turmoil of experiencing loved ones’ struggles with mental health and addiction. I Hope She Knows is a 1970’s emotional rollercoaster of love’s brutal ups and downs, while the EP’s concluding track, Side Stitch, evokes isolation, change, love, and missed opportunities. Soft singular guitar echoes into a vulnerable, memorable vocal performance.