Grumpster Sign To Pure Noise Records & Release New Single “Crash”

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Californian garage punk band Grumpster have announced that they have signed to Pure Noise Records, the band have also released their brand new single, Crash. Grumpster have been on one long upswing, three fast friends crafting rambunctious, mosh-ready, deliciously deadpan punk that they say stays friendly despite its edge.

“We are extremely excited to be joining the Pure Noise family. We’ve been fans of the label since its inception, and cannot wait to start the next era of Grumpster with the fine folks running the show over there! Our first single ‘Crash’ is about the feeling of wanting to escape, sometimes by any means necessary. In this case, someone fantasises about crashing their car creating a new problem to face in hopes of breaking up the thoughts that weigh on them every day.”

Crash can be streamed and purchased here