Heavy Seas Release ‘Waves & Dreams’ & Announce Debut Album ‘Everything Breaks’

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With Jesus Lizard rhythms over melodies that channel early Sonic Youths‘ more aggressive atmospheres, Chicago-based Heavy Seas are set to make their debut this July. Everything Breaks marks the first ten songs from singer & guitarist Jeff Dean (All Eyes West, Dead Ending, The Bomb), drummer Ronnie DiCola (All Eyes West, The Arrivals) and bassist Katie Karpowicz (Airstream Futures). Everything Breaks was recorded with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue) at Robbins’ Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore. Robbins and co-producer Rodrigo Palma (Saves The Day) channeled the raw talent and energy of a newly formed band into a release that’s as controlled as it is catchy. Lead single, Waves And Dreams, leaves its mark immediately with a wall of sound and intensity, whilst other tracks on Everything Breaks catch a softer, dreamier side of the band that draws comparisons to the ’90s-era surge of shoegaze bands.

“The music and the energy in all of Jeff Dean’s bands has always been great, but there’s something about the chemistry between the players in Heavy Seas that makes it extra-special. Katie’s bass melodies, Ronnie’s incredible drumming pushing everything forward, and last but not least the fact that, after so many years as a guitarist with a distinctive sound and energy, Jeff has taken this big leap to become the singer as well. Maybe for that reason it feels like his most personal project. The record (as usual with Jeff’s bands) was a lot of fun to make, but as a friend I’m also proud of Jeff for putting himself on the line in this way, and it’s awesome to see the real friendships at the core of this band, as Katie and Ronnie really got behind him to make it possible.” (J. Robbins)

Everything Breaks will be released on July 16th via Sell The Heart Records, Little Rocket Records and Rad Girlfriend Records. You can stream and purchase Waves & Dreams here