Human Parts (ex-Against Me!) Release New Record, Video

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human partsAndrew Seward, former bassist for Against Me! has returned to the music scene with Human Parts, a new alt-indie outfit with which he attempts to combine the two most important things in his life: his family and music. Human Parts is most definitely a family affair with his wife Verite Seward contributing vocals with their children jumping on beds and playing in a kiddie pool in the video for Now We Wake Up (which can be seen here). Human Parts is rounded out with Gainsville based friends Kim Helm (Whiskey & Company), guitarist Dave Kotinsley (who is the Sewards’ tattoo artist and also married them) and Minneapolis transplant Andy “Pants” Schwich.

The song is taken from their self titled debut album, which was released on 10th September via No Idea Records.

When asked about how the band came together and his inspiration for the record, Seward has said:

“We were just watching our kids and Andy started humming a Sam Cooke song and I could tell he had a good voice so we went straight from the swing set to the studio and recorded some vocals…I felt like I had discovered a voice no one had heard here because he’s never been in a band…These songs were recorded in chunks at my house so when my wife and daughter would go do errands I’d have everything cued up and as soon as they left I’d turn off the fan, hit record and try to do two perfect drum takes,” 

 “I’ve been gone for a decade and I love being home but I’ve also been playing in bands since I was 14 so I don’t know how not to do this, me and my wife talk all the time about the fact that we want our kid to see that neither of us were ever afraid to do anything and this band embodies that commitment.”

Human Parts are playing TheFest in Gainsville, FL on November 3rd.