I, Doris Release New Single “Do It Myself”

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I, Doris have released their new single, Do It Myself, out into the wild though streaming platforms, there will be a suitably smutty video “cumming soon” to accompany their “ultimate ode to onanism”. I, Doris will also be appearing at the Loud Women Fest on the 14th October and have confirmed they will be returning to Rebellion Festival in 2024.

Several years ago, Doris, Doris and Doris (not that one, the other one) were gathered round Doris’ kitchen table one evening. Drinks flowed, conversation turned filthy, and before we knew it we were googling amusing terms for female masturbation. We put our findings in a spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet of lady wanking – email us if you would like a copy), we picked out the funniest ones/the ones that rhymed, and boom – ‘Do It Myself’ was born. It may not be the way hits are written by, you know, the proper songwriters. But it’s how things are done in Doris’ kitchen.”