Incisions To Release New Album ‘Bliss’ Via TNSrecords

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With a sound as furious and unrelenting as the times we live in, Manchester’s Incisions are set to return with their long awaited second album “Bliss“, the band’s sophomore full length sees the band delve into new territory, mixing levels of metallic crust and noise rock guitar tones amidst the usual 80’s hardcore influence of their acclaimed self titled debut album. Jordan Lloyd‘s lyrics have never been more poignant, harnessing the disdain of disenfranchised working-class life with a more introspective and honest approach than ever before. With the vocal delivery more desperate than their previous efforts, “Bliss” presents Incisions turning the rifle sights towards themselves whilst holding the ruling classes to account and denouncing the instability of the country they call home. This is Incisions delivering their most diverse and ambitious release to date. “Bliss” will be released on the 2nd April via TNSrecords and it can be pre-ordered here