Inclination Share “Epidemic” & Announce Debut Album “Unaltered Perspective”

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Louisville, KY hardcore conquerers, Inclination, have announced that their debut album, Unaltered Perspective, will be released on October 21st via Pure Noise RecordsUnaltered Perspective proves exactly why Inclination have been turning so many heads in their relatively short existence. The album features a seemingly endless well of vicious riffs courtesy of guitarists Peter Katter and Isaac Hale (Knocked Loose), while bassist Caleb Murphy and drummer Christopher Mills provide an earth-shaking foundation. And all the while the band’s towering sound provides the perfect delivery system for vocalist Tyler Short‘s roaring voice and pointed lyricism.

To mark the announcement, Inclination have shared a new song, Epidemic, that picks up where previous singles Thoughts And Prayers and A Decision left off and features guest vocals from Indecision vocalist Tom Sheehan. Inclination’s upcoming debut album pulls no punches sonically or lyrically, the outspokenly straight edge band have shown themselves to not only be one of the most aggressive bands in modern hardcore, but also one of the most thought-provoking. Throughout Unaltered Perspective vocalist Tyler Short explores his ethos from both a deeply personal perspective as well as from a more external view, often targeting the systemic rot at the heart of the drug epidemic.

“The message in ‘Epidemic’ stems from the wanton destruction brought on by the pharmaceutical industry in the Unite States. Politicians and policy makers happily look the other way and get rich while the opioid crisis kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. Tom Sheehan from Indecision recorded a part on the track and his unmistakable voice and style really amplify the frustration and desperation conveyed throughout the song.” (Tyler Short)