Interview: Tom DeLonge and David Kennedy of Angels & Airwaves

  • Ashley N. Milholland posted
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Angels & AirwavesAs I sat backstage at the Edmonton Event Centre across from Tom DeLonge and David Kennedy of Angels & Airwaves, I couldn’t help but feel that everything has come full circle. Blink-182, DeLonge’s other band, was the first band that got me into the whole punk rock thing as it introduced me to a style and sound that forever changed my life. Not to mention the fact that my first web site was also a Blink fan site which in turn opened up more doors for me than I ever thought possible. David Kennedy, oddly enough, was the first person I ever interviewed as in 2002 I conducted a phone interview with the then Box Car Racer guitarist. The interview wasn’t fantastic due to my inexperience but started me on a long road of interviews.

But this isn’t about me, this is about the two guitarists and their latest endeavors in Angels & Airwaves. The band’s been busy. Not only did they self-released and self-funded a new album which they’re giving away for free online but they’re also putting on a feature length film of the same name which will be released later this year. We had an indepth look at both of those, along with the philosophy and ideology behind Angels & Airwaves – what they’re trying to accomplish and why.

Over the course of the interview we touched on many aspects; sadly, due to time restraints, we couldn’t go into tons of details about everything but instead had a nice overview so if you ever get a chance to talk to the band ask them about the esoteric symbolism of Love, the importance of technology in today’s industry and definitely get Tom talking about aliens and UFOs – something I think he could talk about for hours if the rest of the band didn’t cut him off.

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