Johnny Casino Releases Double A Side Solo Single

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Johnny Casino is the founding member and songwriter of the great Australian rock ‘n roll band Asteroid B612, Philadelphia PA’s Johnny Casino’s Easy Action and the rotating lineup that is Johnny Casino And The Secrets, a band that features a who’s who of Australian rock ‘n’ roll including The Egos, The Lord Street Sound, Carrie Phillis and the Downtown 3Johnny Casino has now released a brand new double A-sided solo single via Golden Robot Records that features the tracks ‘Twenty Twenty‘ and ‘People Say‘.

You can stream and purchase ‘Twenty Twenty‘ and ‘People Sayhere

You can check out the ‘Twenty Twenty‘ video and read more about the single below

Written and recorded during the first few weeks of the ¨pandemic¨ While I was stranded in the wonderful city of brotherly love Philadelphia, ‘Twenty Twenty’ explains how I was feeling during the months of March and April 2020, I had just touched down into Philadelphia International airport and my brother Billy was waiting to pick me up and his first words were ‘’brother I´m surprised they let you in!’’ I had no idea what he was talking about! Me and my wonderful wife Mayra live in a smallish seaside town called Denia in Spain and we knew there was ‘’something’’ happening but not exactly what! (we ain’t much for watching news or current affairs programs, so we were kinda ‘’outta the loop’’ so to speak). The next few days I was to learn what was happening around the globe, I had work planned and concerts planned for the next 3 months in America and Australia and all those plans were now off the table! And the only thing left on the table was trying to get back home to Spain! Well there was one more thing on that table, before I left Spain I had made a plan with my old buddy Jamie Mahon to record some songs with his GREAT band St James and the Apostles in their wonderful studio Green Rock Recorders in Philadelphia, and this song ‘Twenty Twenty’ is the first taste of these sessions. ‘People Say’ was recorded (In Spain) with love for our brother Dave Thomas, who will never be forgotten, and I will always remember what you did for me Dave, Love ya.