Jump Start Records Celebrates 25 Years with Record Subscription Club

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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Jump Start RecordsPhiladelphia-based indie label Jump Start Records have announced plans to start their first Subscription Club in celebration of their 25th anniversary as a label. Formed in 1996 in a college dorm room first as a paper mailorder catalog and zine that quickly evolved into a vinyl 7″ release with Montreal’s The Planet Smashers, the long-running label has gone on to release over 100 albums from bands such as A Wilhelm Scream, Antillectual, MXPX, Broadcaster, Belvedere, Kill Lincoln, Off With Their Heads, Horace Pinker, Crucial Dudes, Astpai , Plow United and many others.

Owner Jeremy Myers talked about the anniversary saing: “Somehow, some way, we’ve managed to stick around for 25 years. Crazy, right? All the ups and downs, the good decisions, the bad decisions, for better or for worse, we’re still here. To celebrate we’ve put together a little something to mark the occasion, our very first subscription club!”

The subscription club is limited to 100 people and features 6 exclusive Jump Start vinyl releases/pressings/variants, a 25th anniversary t-shit, totebag and coffee mug along with a patch. The first three records as part of the club will ship right away and include Astpai‘s True CapacityBroadcaster‘s Joyride+3,  and The Readymen‘s Restless.

In addition to the exclusive items, members will have access to limited items such as:

▪ A Wilhelm Scream ‘Diver’ 7″ raffle giveaways (2nd Pressing on White, 2 Copies)
▪ A Wilhelm Scream ‘Career Suicide’ LP raffle giveaway (2nd Pressing on Translucent Slime Green)
▪ A Wilhelm Scream ‘Career Suicide’ hand screen printed poster (Limited print included with 3rd Pressing of CS pre-order)
▪ Crucial Dudes ’61 Penn’ raffle giveaway (2nd Pressing on Clear Vinyl)
▪ MxPx ‘Plans Within Plans’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (1 copy ever in existence, super rare and limited)
▪ Plow United ‘Marching Band’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (1 copy ever in existence, super rare and limited)
▪ Kill Lincoln ‘That’s Cool….’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (2 copies ever in existence, super rare and limited)
▪ The Siren Six! ‘Voice’ and ‘Young & Professional’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaways (2 copies of each ever in existence, super rare and limited)

Interested people can join here.