Ketamine Kow State “You Call Your Girlfriend Babe I Call My Girlfriend Boyfriend” On New Single

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Growing up in Hull and bonding over their love of raw unfettered punk music, Ketamine Kow are Adam Stainforth (vocals), Charlie Hall (drums), Lewis Petersen (bass), Harvey Chesterman (guitar) and Max Wilson (guitar). Taking inspiration from a wide range of alternative bands like Nirvana, Fugazi, Pixies, Wire, Yard Act and Joy Division, they are fast getting known for a show of ‘mouth frothing energy and aggression’ at their gigs. This band tackles topics from being homosexual in modern society, to gender, to taking spam callers and political issues like Abu Ghraib. Everything they do has a meaning no matter how small or ridiculous the song might sound, and they bring an incomparable energy to stage.

Their new single, You Call Your Girlfriend Babe I Call My Girlfriend Boyfriend, is the perfect example of this. A primal, thumping disturbance, it successfully bridges the gap between discordant clatter and infectious melody to convey their message. These positive messages are set to filthy blasts of righteous raging anger that been likened to “The Sex Pistols and The Fall fighting over a packet of cheese and onion crisps”. Five teenagers playing songs straight from the heart and taking them onto the stage to create a new breed in punk just to bring people together. This is Ketamine Kow’s time.

Ketamine Kow

“I think it’s important to write songs about homosexuality because people may be struggling with identity or sexuality. A song like our new single ‘You Call Your Girlfriend Babe I Call My Girlfriend Boyfriend’ may help them express themselves in a different non-judgemental way. In the past there has been difficulties, name calling, being ostracised etc, but it’s about having the mindset that being gay is natural and you can’t help who you love. I don’t think it’s had a massive effect on the band to be honest. I think it just makes us more understanding people and we can relate to others on a more personal level.” (singer Adam Stainforth)