Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds Announce New Album & West Coast US Tour

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Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds have announced they will release their new album, That Delicious Vice, their fifth for In The Red Records and their first as a trio, on April 19th 2024. Recorded in the scorching summer of 2023 in Tucson, the album includes a collaboration on two songs with LA Chicana punk icon, author and singer of The BagsAlice Bag. The band are also playing select West Coast dates in January 2024.

Kid Congo

The past 12 months have been a very busy time for Kid Congo, releasing two albums, Summer Forever And Ever, the second full-length by Wolfmanhattan Project, Kid’s supergroup trio with Mick Collins and Bob Bert, plus Kid Congo Powers And The Near Death Experience‘s Live in St. Kilda, featuring the singer-guitarist in concert in Australia. Kid also released his much-anticipated memoir Some New Kind of Kick, via Hachette Books that covers the musician’s youth as a queer Mexican-American teen in the Los Angeles punk rock scene and his work in such legendary bands as The Gun Club, The Cramps, and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.