KÖRD VÄRLD Reveal First Track From The ‘Total Distortion’ EP

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Charlie Claesson (Anti-Cimex, Driller Killer, PI$$ER, Bring The Drones, Knife For An Eye, The Partisans) and James Domestic (The Domestics, PI$$ER, Tokyo Lungs, Bring The Drones, Cabro, Hazard Profile) are at it again with the Sweden/UK partnership of KÖRD VÄRLD, a name that loosely translates as “fucked world”. After the genre-bending, saxophone-addled, ongoing d-beat experiment that is PI$$ER, the pair decided to go back to basics with KÖRD VÄRLD and bang out an EP of ferocious hardcore with that classic Swedish feel. The beats are fast, the bass and guitar distorted to hell, the leads squeal and the vocals rip. The “Total Distortion” EP will be released on the 26th February via Kibou Records (UK), Cimex Records (Sweden) and Kangaroo Records (France)

You can stream ‘Empty Vessel‘ from the “Total Distortion” EP here