La Armada Reveal ‘White Jesus’ Single And ‘Opias’ EP

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La Armada captured the personal and global tribulations of 2020 in three separate stints at Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios. The first single, Death on Replay, is a picture of La Armada during the height of the pandemic in 2020. In the second single, All We Know, they built tension with chaotic and technical rhythms, and released it with the familiarity of their punk and hardcore roots.  The lyrics reflect on the duality between being on the road versus being on lockdown, where you have to balance isolation and anxiety with the need to create art and push forward through dark times.

The third single, White Jesus, explores colourism. The song tells the story of immigrants who reach a level of comfort in American society and disassociate from the struggles of their communities. Musically it’s built on the punk beat but with “tumbao”, a slight delay in the kick that matches the “mambo” rhythm from the band’s native Caribbean. The trio of singles have now been collected together on the Opias EP that is now available via digital platforms.