Make-That-A-Take Records Release ‘Make Yer Ane Comp VIII’

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Dundee’s Make-That-A-Take Records have released the 68 track “Make Yer Ane Comp VIII” as a ‘name your price download’, all proceeds raised from the album will be donated to Dundee Women’s Aid. “Make Yer Ane Comp VIII” includes tracks from The Twistettes, The Kimberley Steaks, Mobina Galore, Burnt Tapes, The Sewer Cats, Haest, Uniforms, Nosebleed, Pardon Us, Hummer, Gab De La Vega, Anna’s Anchor, Triple SundaeBring The War Home and David Delinquent.

Make Yer Ane Comp VIII” can be streamed and purchased here