Manchester Punk Festival Confrims Latest Additions For 2017

mpf-17-nov-16The Manchester Punk Festival is taking place again in 2017, between the 20th and 22nd April, across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre, the festival has now added the energetic punk rock of Canada’s Brutal Youth, the politically charged punk rock of Essex’s The Filaments, the melodic hardcore of Liverpool punkers Chief, the acoustic pop punk of Onsind, the 80’s hardcore of Throwing Stuff and the anarchic folk punk of Matilda’s Scoundrels to the 2017 line up, as well as TosserladBobby Funk, Rash Decision, Iron Drugs, Grotbags, Dirty Twisters, Muskets, Lineout and One Hidden Frame being added to the already impressive bill.

Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale now for £30 and are available here

All of these great bands are joining the likes of Paint It Black, Strike Anywhere, The Toasters, Belvedere, Martha, AOS3, Clowns, Black Star Dub Collective, The Murderburgers, Ducking Punches, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Faintest Idea, Honey Joy, Petrol Girls, BrainDead, Money Left To Burn, The Domestics, Venturas, Myelin, Grand Collapse, Doe, Thee Infidels, The Human Project, Great Cynics, Lineout, Maid of Ace, Mighty Midgets, Larrakia, Edward In Venice, Shot!, Vitriolic Response, The Living Daylights, Pizzatramp, Nervus, Fair Do’s, El Escapado, Nosebleed, Muskets, The Deadites, Despite Everything, Stoj Snak, Billy Liar, Tim Loud, Tragical History Tour, One Hidden Frame, Crywank, Brightr, Dirty Twisters and A Great Notion, and there are still more bands to be added to the bill for the 2017 Manchester Punk Festival.

The eleven volumes of the Manchester Punk Festival compilations, that cover the 2015 to 2017 line ups, are available as name your price downloads here