Manchester Punk Festival Volume 19 Released Via Bandcamp

The Manchester Punk Festival have put together the first of this year’s free online compilations, you can now get a feel for the packed weekend they have in store by listening to Manchester Punk Festival Volume 19. The compilation includes tracks by Dead To Me, King Prawn, Doom, Consumed, Grand Collapse, The Infested, Arms Aloft, Not On Tour, Youth Avoiders, Faintest Idea, Wolfrik, Janus Stark, Incisions, The Winter Passing, Sam Russo, Eat Dirt, The Human Project, Call Me Malcolm, Screech Bats, Jodie Faster, Sallows, Tim Loud, Joe Tilston & The Embers Band, Slumb Party, Well Wisher, Svalbard and Jenkem.

Manchester Punk Festival Volume 19 can be streamed and downloaded here

Tickets for the 2019 Manchester Punk Festival can be purchased here