Matilda’s Scoundrels Reach The End Of Road

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After over 7 years together Celtic punk outfit Matilda’s Scoundrels have decided to split up, the band have issued the following statement: “After the impact of the last year and having had some time to think, we are not going to be carrying on with the band. We had a great laugh, met the best people and we’re grateful for everyone who came out and shared the experience with us. We will still be about though so please come say hi if you see us around. Thanks for buying our merch and supporting us, from the bottom of our hearts thank you.”

The band’s last full length, 2017’s As The Tide Turns, is available via TNSrecords and all of the band’s releases, including their final single, 2021’s The Devil’s Dues, that is available as a name your price download, are available via Bandcamp. The members of Matilda’s Scoundrels are involved in other projects so it definitely won’t be the last we hear from them.