Meryl Streek Address The Irish Housing Crisis On New Single “Death To The Landlord”

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Politically-outspoken Irish avant-garde punks Meryl Streek have revealed the video for their vitriolic new single, Death To The Landlord, which is released today via Venn Records. The track slams the morally reprehensible behaviour of Irish politicians and their role in creating the current housing crisis. Directed by Peter Kingston, the video stars Irish comedian Joe Rooney (most famous for his role in Father Ted as chain-smoking Father Damo, whilst also being the lead singer of ’80s new wave underground band Guernica) and Molly Vulpyne from Dublin punk duo Vulpynes, who lends her voice to a few songs across Meryl Streek‘s forthcoming album, 796, that will be released on the 4th November via Venn Records.

“I needed a song on the album that was a hook-line-and-sinker representing the fed-up, ordinary, working class people who have been repeatedly shat on for many years here in Ireland. I’m outraged that our political parties here in Ireland are not only lining their own pockets with the taxpayers’ money—with massive salaries for essentially fucking it up for everyone else but themselves—but that they’re also making money on the side renting shit, unaffordable, box-sized apartments to desperate, begging families in need. They’re scum and I’d like them all to know that I’m coming for them.”

The track once again features Phil Wyer on guitars, and follows on from hard-hitting AA side duo of False Apologies and Yesterday, which respectively addressed the Irish Catholic Church abuse scandal and issues of alcoholism in Streek’s native homeland. Meryl Streek will also be appearing live at Bring Them Home Ireland at The Helix, Dublin on 28th January 2023 in aid of Sean Ross Abbey Mother And Baby Home Survivors with an album release show at the The Workman’s Club, Dublin on 4th November.