Microwave Share “Circling The Drain” Ahead Of US Tour With The Story So Far

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Microwave have released their new single, Circling The Drain, which is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Summers day with those familiar Weezer and Pavement style melodies. Microwave will also be on tour in the US with The Story So Far, Joyce Manor and Mom Jeans, the tour kicks off on April 11th at The Union, Salt Lake City and runs through to the the 11th May, with the final date taking place at Seattle’s Showbox

Circling the Drain is about living in a society.  It’s about losing respect for people that you’re close with because they’re acting a fool.  It’s about liberating yourself by choosing not to identify with thoughts, actions, ideals, and virtues that aren’t serving you or anyone else.  It’s about choosing your battles and loving people despite your differences. It was written amid speculation about the viability of a career as a traveling performing artist after Microwave’s “Death is a World Tour” was ironically eclipsed by a global pandemic and somewhat apocalyptic unraveling of society.”

Circling The Drain can be streamed here and tour tickets can be purchased here