Miles To Nowhere Release New Album “The RaceCar Phenomenon”

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Miles to Nowhere is a catchy three piece hailing from Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by elements from various genres, they simply do not fit into a specific mold, so they invented their own. Being the first to coin a new subgenre called “Galaxy Punk”, that encompasses melodic melodies and a raw music sensibility. The Phoenix, AZ-based pop-punk trio are now set to bring their self-described “Galaxy Punk” to music fans across the globe with the release of their new album The RaceCar Phenomenon.

“We are really excited for this new release. “The RaceCar Phenomenon” was a lot of fun to make and it showcases a wider spectrum of what we do musically. Since we recorded and produced it ourselves, there was no one to reel us in, and we took full advantage of that. All of the songs are a little different from each other, so it takes you on a ride for sure. In true galaxy punk form, anyone anywhere can jam this album and get stoked on it. I expect all of the shows next year to be a big sing-along, and all smiles all round, both onstage and in the crowd.” (vocalist and guitarist Kristen Taylor)

The RaceCar Phenomenon is now available via Bandcamp and will be released via streaming platforms tomorrow, Friday 3rd September. The band will also be playing an album release show at Scottsdale, AZ’s Pub Rock on the 4th September.