Miles To Nowhere Share “Race Cars” Video

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Miles to Nowhere are a catchy three piece hailing from Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by elements from various genres, they simply do not fit into a specific mold, so they invented their own, “Galaxy Punk”. The Phoenix, AZ-based pop-punk trio have now released a new video for the track Race Cars that appears on their new album The RaceCar Phenomenon. Miles To Nowhere are also planning a livestream for November 14th, followed by a show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ with Authority Zero on December 18th.

“‘Race Cars’ is unique because it is the first acoustic song we have recorded. The song is actually about a race car painted on the side of the freeway several years back. It started as a skid mark on the side of a sharp freeway onramp that a graffiti artist took a spray can and turned it into an outline of a black, Formula One car. It was there for probably five years until one day, it was just gone. Strangely enough, the race car itself was big and eye-catching, but many people who were daily drivers of that route often don’t remember it at all. So it’s fun to think about the possibility of it being some sort of Mandela effect right here in the town I live in. Regardless of if it is or not, it essentially doesn’t even matter. It is just fun to think about and makes an interesting conversation topic. The song also adds diversity to the album and shows a pure, raw side of Katie (bassist) and I musically. She gets to change it up and play guitar on it, and of course, she slays the harmonies, as usual. I wrote that song while we were recording the rest of the album to kind of cap it off, which it does quite nicely.” (Lead vocalist and guitarist Kristen Taylor)

You can stream The RaceCar Phenomenon here