Militarie Gun Unleash New EP “All Roads Lead To The Gun” & “Ain’t No Flowers” Video

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The Los Angeles-based band Militarie Gun, led by Regional Justice Center‘s Ian Shelton, are pushing their dynamic sound further than ever with their new EP, All Roads Lead To The Gun, and its sequel All Roads Lead To The Gun II, which is scheduled for a September 10th release on Convulse Records. The band, whose lineup now includes members of Drug Church and Modern Color, have created a sonic identity that’s as raw and combustible as it is tuneful and accessible.

To mark the release of the first All Roads Lead To The Gun EP, Militarie Gun have shared their new music video for the opening track, Ain’t No Flowers. The track is a sub-two-minute blast of melody and vitriol that perfectly captures Militarie Gun‘s ability to blend contrasting sounds and styles into something wholly unique and satisfying. Militarie Gun have also announced a lengthy run of US tour dates set for this Fall, which include shows with Spice and an appearance at The Fest.

All Roads Lead To The Gun can be streamed and purchased here