Miranda Versus The Crok’s “Weird At My School” EP Gets Belated Release

After seventeen years in the vaults Miranda Versus The Crok’s Weird At My School EP has finally been released via One Step Outside Records. Weird At My School is now available as a name your place download with all profits being donated to Homeless Street Angels in Leeds, UK. 

Miranda Versus The Crok

“Around 20 years ago I was introduced to Miranda by my friend and bass player in our band John. 
They had begun seeing each other and also started making music together. Before long we were often playing gigs with them – sometimes us supporting them and sometimes they supported us. Live they were never anything short of astonishing and visceral and I could be found stood watching them play filled with many emotions and welling up with tears. After coming off stage Miranda would ask “was that OK?” and I always used to think “Fucking hell, was it OK? No it wasn’t. It was amazing” a hard act to follow is an understatement. This, their second record which has never been released before apart from to a few friends at the time (named after the Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven B-side) is them really hitting their peak -The power of Miranda’s voice and words with her lively acoustic bass and the sharpness and dynamism of John’s guitar are really something to behold. I could wax lyrical forever about these songs and why they’re so great (and they really fucking are) but instead sit back, put it on a bit too loud and just listen to them yourselves and feel their beautiful power.”
(One Step Outside Records)