New Interview with Real McKenzies, Announce Live CD/DVD

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Real McKenziesDwayne recently caught up with Dave Gregg, guitarist for Celtic punk band The Real McKenzies to discuss their recent tours, their relationship with Fat, the best way to record a studio album and, most notably, their plans for the upcoming year.

Gregg went into some detail regarding an upcoming live CD/DVD:

Recorded in Berlin last August. We did 3 nights at a club called the Wild at Heart and recorded all of it. It’s taken a while sifting through it trying to find the best stuff. I think the CD is 20 songs. We played 35 songs a night, so we had 105 songs to sort through. I can’t say we put a lot of time into mixing it because it’s a live record, it is what it is. We didn’t go into the studio with a big bottle of turd polish and try to make it something that it wasn’t. You still have to listen to all the versions and pick the right one and then narrow it down to 20; pick the best of the best. Whatever makes a good record.

We are releasing a DVD of those shows as well which I think are 29 songs. That’s going to be a limited edition. I think we are going to make 1000 in the European format and maybe 200 in the North American format and we will sell those on the road and perhaps sell them online. Once they are gone though they are gone.

Read the full interview here.