Nona Release Surprise EP ‘Freaky If You Got This Far’

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NonaPhiladelphia’s favourite alt rockers, Nona, have returned from their short break up with a surprise EP, Freaky If You Got This Far. Nona, which features members of Spraynard, All Dogs and Year of Glad, may have been inactive recently, but on Freaky If You Got This Far the band proves that they haven’t missed a step. On the EP’s three tracks, Nona dives deeper into the chunky fuzz-driven amalgam of 90s alternative and hooky punk that they explored on their 2014 LP, Through The Head. The 90s elements are more present, with Corgan-esque guitars leading the charge, perfectly complimenting Mimi Gallagher’s saccharine vocals and infectious melodies. To celebrate the release, Nona will be performing a reunion show at the Double Decker / Square of Opposition Anniversary Fest in Allentown, PA alongside Pissed Jeans, Iron Chic, and many more. 

Freaky If You Got This Far is available digitally via 6131 Records here