Pave The Jungle Reveal “Moirai” And Release “Waiting For Nothing” EP

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Moirai is the last track to be cut from the Newcastle noise rock duo Pave The Jungle‘s long awaited Waiting For Nothing EP that is now available via Cow House. Pronounced “more-eye” the song is based on the tale of the Three Fates in Greek mythology. Typically depicted weaving a tapestry that represents a predetermined lifetime, the fable tells that these “Fates” will appear within three days of a child’s birth to decide an infant’s trajectory in life from thereon. But any cut to the thread can only signify death. A song ultimately about life and how to live it, Moirai is a tempestuous post/punk rollercoaster that dares you to grip tight.

“It comes back to the idea for me that you should always live life to the fullest. As you never know when it will end. Musically I wanted the song to reflect what life has been like lately: unpredictable and manic, but with some serenity threaded through it all. I also wanted to mix things up structure-wise and so decided to open with a chorus. Like ABBA or something! This makes the song pretty relentless, especially rhythmically.” (Rachael Whittle)

The final piece of a puzzle designed to push to the limits and thrill at every turn, the Waiting For Nothing EP, from which Moirai is taken, sees Pave The Jungle serving up four-tracks of a similarly restless energy. It’s a release that warps and writhes through songs of small-town frustration, social exclusion and sinister internal struggles. The Waiting For Nothing EP is now available via digital platforms here