Perennial Stream Title Track From Upcoming “In The Midnight Hour” Album

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Connecticut art punk trio Perennial have revealed their new single, In The Midnight Hour, the song is the title track from their second album that will be released on digital, CD & cassette on the 1st February with the vinyl following on the 1st March. Co-produced and engineered by Chris Teti of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, In The Midnight Hour started out as a sort of conceptual challenge for Perennial: “How to make a punk album that doesn’t operate like a punk album?”

“Musically, we wanted something with all the ingredients of something you can dance to, but with some thornier angles here and there. We loved the layering of a song that is narratively about how we deal with a sometimes ferocious world, and trying to get by in that world, but with music that is kinetic in response. If the whole album is about the nighttime, we wanted the title track to be both haunted and full of possibility.”

The answer came in part from the lovably daring albums that stuck out of their record collection, We Are Paintermen by The CreationPatti Smith’s Horses, The Shape Of Punk To Come by Refused and The Clash’s opus, Sandinista! Take those guitars and drums, all that electricity and volume, and see just how many shapes you can make with it. The New England post-hardcore three-piece started experimenting with structures, song lengths, instrument combinations; how loud a song could be, but also just how quiet a song could be. Where a tambourine could replace a chord; where a bit of drum machine could stand in for a crescendo of guitars.

You can pre-order In The Midnight Hour and stream the title track via Bandcamp