Piebald Release Back Catalog

  • Bobby Gorman posted
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PiebaldRise Records has announced plans to re-release all of Piebald’s extensive back catalog. The band, who formed in 1994, were one of the most beloved bands in the hardcore/ indie rock crossover genre; but most of the releases they appeared on are out of print now. Starting April 27th, Rise Records will be solving that problem with three new releases.

Volume I, in stores April 27th, will feature 2 discs containing their early years including the album “When Live Hands You Lemons”. Also included are rarities from their split 7” with Cave In and early recordings with now famed producer Brian McTernan.

Volume II, in stores May 25th, will feature 2 discs containing more from their early years including the albums “If It Weren’t For Venetian Blinds It Would be Curtains For Us All” and “Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised“. Also included are covers of Slayer, Jawbreaker and Weezer.

Volume III, in stores July 20th, will feature 2 discs containg the album “We Are The Only Friends That We Have” as well as other hard to find B sides and rarities including several radio shows.

The album artwork can be seen on their newly redesigned MySpace.