Pohgoh Return With New Album “Du Und Ich”

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The new album from beloved emo veterans PohgohDu Und Ich, is out everywhere now. Textured, tight and emotionally muscular, the album is easily the foursome’s most ambitious outing yet, a confident, eclectic release that showcases the band’s strengths of catchy riffs and big dynamics ridden deftly by Susie Ulrey‘s inimitable voice and evocative lyrics in a bright new light. Much of Du Und Ich elaborates on Susie’s daily fears of living with Multiple Sclerosis, love and loss, and learning how to live through the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

Du Und Ich is a collection of eleven earnest, energetic hook-laden tracks that finds the band at its most joyfully defiant. The album is an us-against-the-world sentiment those lucky enough to spend the last two-and-a-half years locked down with a loved one can easily take to heart. Du Und Ich is now available via Spartan Records in the US and Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe.