Quiet Like A Thief Reveal New Single ‘Window Pain’

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Pop-punk quintet Quiet Like A Thief have unveiled their brand new single ‘Window Pain‘ that is out now via digital platforms, the track is the second single off Quiet Like A Thief‘s upcoming, as-of-yet untitled debut EP, that is set for release this Spring. Drawing on a smartly balanced array of influences from emo, pop-punk and alternative rock, Quiet Like A Thief strike a poignant and thought-provoking note with their new single. “We’re lucky enough to have this kind of friendship, where lyrics are formed based on talks we’ve had. The meaning behind “Window Pain” is although we were groomed to follow the outdated vision that our parents did (high school, college, marriage, kids), in the current day and age we’re living in, it’s just not realistic for a lot of people, and that’s PERFECTLY okay.”

You can stream ‘Window Pain‘ via Spotify, Apple Music and via YouTube below