Ramona Marx Unveil “Seek The Day” Video

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Hemel Hempstead, UK punk five piece Ramona Marx have shared their grinding, visceral new single, Seek The Day, via streaming platforms. Fuelled by raw pent up aggression, their high octane sound is characterised by overdriven riffs and intense drumming, led by a biting, distorted vocal which delivers an indignant dissection of society and those who govern it. Working with acclaimed producer Erik Miles the single captures the band’s raw intensity whilst highlighting their ability to bring a distinct clarity and sense of direction to their raucous and expressive musical approach. Ramona Marx have now revealed the striking video for the single that was made in collaboration with notable videographer Adam Docker.

“Life is a game filled with plastic smiles and empty promises. Those in power decide the cards we’re dealt and who is born to lose. Seek the day is a metaphor for this; master puppeteers leading lambs to the slaughterhouse. Welcome to the new order. The single was recorded along with three other songs at the Forum recording studio in Kent and will feature on our upcoming EP.”